My Soapy story “The Earth Connection”.

My Soapy story “The Earth Connection”.

My Soapy story – “The Earth Connection”, is a unique take on the way we interact with nature, in meaningful ways. Through this story, I hope to inspire readers to appreciate and take care of our environment.

Every summer vacation, I would look forward to visiting my grandmother’s home. It was a place of warmth and comfort – a place where I could connect to mother nature and its elements. She always used to tell us about how in her childhood days they used to make everyday essentials (masalas, pickles, soaps, etc) from the purest natural ingredients available around. My grandmother’s stories were always filled with wisdom, and her love for nature.

Growing up, I was always fascinated by the older generation’s attachment to nature and their inclination towards use of all-natural products. From the old home remedies to the traditional healing methods, I was intrigued by how these people kept themselves healthy and balanced. I was always keen to know how they were so connected to nature and its resources and how they used them in their everyday lives.

As the years pass, as a college girl I was mesmerized by beauty queens Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen who won the world beauty contest. I was fascinated by their grace and poise, their confidence and charisma. They seemed to embody everything that I wanted to be – strong and beautiful. They used to promote certain beauty soaps, I asked my father to buy those soaps for me and my sisters, the soaps could go well with the skin of two sisters but surprisingly they damaged mine and my other sister’s skin. Then I realized these soaps were not made from natural ingredients but had some chemical formula that was harmful to my skin. I remember my grandma’s words “natural things never affect our health or body.” …and that was the start.

Everyone uses soap daily, but have you ever wondered how it’s made? I started learning about natural handmade soap making from professionals, the mission was “to make the purest form of handmade soap”. I started gifting those handmade soaps to my friends and family. Everyone was delighted by the thoughtful gesture and appreciated the hard work that went into making the soaps. Making these soaps was a great way for me to express my creativity and show my love towards nature. As the demand grew thought of starting my venture with great support from my husband.

The brand “The earth connection” was born with just one single mission to produce the best natural product for the betterment of society & environment.

The Earth Connection” will surely bring out the beauty of our planet in a powerful way.

Journey Begins.. Pooja Kunde

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